Monday, February 22, 2010

The First Cadbury Egg

Of all the seasonal candies, I think I love Cadbury's the best.  Perhaps this is genetic because my mom and sister share my fanaticism.  In fact, every year there's a sort of race to see who can procure the first Cadbury egg of the season.  My sister, Holly beat me last year, but this year, on February 6th, I managed to score the first Creme Egg.  Of course I text messaged Holly immediately, but she claimed she needed visual evidence.  So here it is.  (Last year, she sent me a photo of herself glee fully clutching the candy.) 

Although Halloween is nice and all, it's ordinary. The same Snickers and Reese's is just scaled down into a "fun-size."  As far as candy goes, I like to put my faith in the Easter bunny.  There is nothing quite so extravagant as an Easter basket loaded with candy.  A basket of nothing but candy versions of eggs would satisfy my cravings--jelly beans, malted milk balls, Cadbury Mini-Eggs, and Cadbury Creme Eggs.
Of all of these, though, Creme Eggs are the most alluring because of their textural contrast.  The milk chocolate shell is smooth and rich but still thick enough to actually handle a good, solid bite.  The fondant center is gooey without being runny but still luxuriously silky.  It is a bit cloyingly sweet, but that's the whole point, I think, and it punctuates the depth of the chocolate.  The only caveat I have about Creme Eggs is that you really do have to get them while they're fresh.  Because they're only delicately wrapped in a thin layer of foil, if the integrity of the candy shell is in any way compromised, the fondant will dry out and will be hard, chewy and nearly chalk-like.  So, I suppose when it comes down to it, that's why my mom, sister, and I are so desperate to get our hands on them. 

What's your favorite seasonal candy?

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Anonymous said...

My favorite seasonal candy of course is the Cadbury cream eggs and the mini eggs. You know how I like to "spoon" out my cream filling. Do you recall those cream eggs that you sent me from Omaha one year that came with the spoon to use to eat the egg? Were those Cadbury's? It just proved that I am not the only one that eats my cream eggs like this. Actually, I have a huge stash of Cadbury eggs in the basement because somebody I know went overboard and bought me tons of them last year!!! I had to put them away and thus they are still in the basement. I wonder if they are any good????